I have a little vacation coming up this Friday!  I’m headed East to visit my mom and sister in good ole Greenville, SC for a week.  More than a stone’s throw from Seattle, I tell ya.  I am SO excited to see them…it’s been two years since I’ve been home to visit…crazy, I know.  My mind is already in vacation mode.  I may or may not be blogging during the trip.  I will be taking my trusty macbook pro along for the journey, should the mood strike to work on my new branding or a fun personal project, but I’ve completely ruled out any work.  Whew!

It’s been pretty chilly in Seattle (mid 50’s), so I’m trying to wrap my brain around the 90+ degree heat and humidity in SC.  Even though I grew up on the East coast (in the DC area), I’ve never been one for stifling weather.  I’m a bit of a wimp in that regard.  At least there is air conditioning!  And REAL fried chicken and sweet tea…they just don’t know how to make it right here on the West coast.

Family shout out:  Mom, Lexi, Aunt Laura, Liz, Grammy, Joanne + Bruce…I can’t wait to see you all. HUGE hugs are in store!!!

xoxo. Amy

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3 responses to “LEAVIN’ TOWN.

  1. So excited for you! I hope you have an amazing time and good for you for taking some time off of work – you inspire me to actually do the same : ) xoxo! HAVE FUN!

  2. Lexi

    I can’t wait to see you either Amy :) xoxo love, your lil sis, Lexi!

  3. Jo

    Sounds like a lot of fun – have a great time!

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